I guess I’m experiencing what some must feel as they venture into blogging for the first time…..What do I write about? The thing is I’m not really ready to blog but my nephew who is a techie, I’m not, is setting up my blog site so he asked me to write something! The pressure!! Well here it is my first blog!

Most blogs will probably center on my journey with “Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!” My One man Show based on my family’s escape from Cuban in 1964 under the cover of a moonless night. The most recent thing that has happened with the show is that tonight “Sharks” will be filmed and I will be interviewed by TV Marti. For those of you who don’t know about TV Marti or Radio Marti I will give you a little background.

As per Wiki:

Radio y Televisión Martí is a radio and television broadcaster based in Miami, Florida, financed by the United States Government (Broadcasting Board of Governors), which transmits Spanish radio broadcasts to Cuba. Its broadcasts can also be heard in the United States.

Ok, so these broadcasts to Cuba, much like Radio Free Europe have been going on for several decades. Of course, you know this really pisses off the Castro Brothers and their oh so enlightened regime! From what I understand, the intention of TV Marti is to broadcast portions of “Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!” and my interview in Cuba! I find it very amusing that I, the most liberal person in my family, (which for your average Cuban family means you are center or slightly right of center) will end up being the one to piss off the Castro Brothers! Love it! So next time I go to Miami and I’m given a hard time for my sometimes slightly different political views, I will have TV Marti to throw around: AH HA! Have you been on Radio Marti or TV Marti?? I have!! But I digress. I will keep you all posted or “blogged” on the outcome of tonights new adventure as “Sharks” takes me into yet another interesting turn.

And voila signing off from my virgin Blog!

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